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Man In The Moon
(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Ear To The Ground

Hey little girl ,won’t you come and see
I’m throwing rocks at your window
Won’t you come and take a look at me
I’m the man in the moon
Got my Daddy’s truck and I’m rolling high
Aren’t you skipping school, aren’t you coming along for a ride?
I’ll bring you home soon
I see your face, your skin is mine

I’m a fall down fence, I’m a paint can dry
I’m a barrel full of bullet holes rusting under the sky
Like raining red
You’re soft white linen hanging on the line
With an apron full of daisies, make them a crown with twine
And hang it on my head
We can play this day away

See a broken bird laying under that tree
Pick him up in your hands, watch him open little eye and see
Little bones going to fly
See a ragged old dog been kicked around
Running by the road, ain’t nobody want him in town
Won’t you pet him, let him lie
Oh, honey, ain’t you got your way with things

Hey little girl won’t you marry me?
I’m selling songs for a dollar
It’s a picking on up, you’ll see
It’s all I can do with my life
This wicked old world keeps turning round
The grass grows tall, won’t you let me lay you on down
In them rolling tides
You’ll never know what you are to me

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