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(Joe Stevens)
Originally recorded on Boxes & Bags

The sun on my back, the dust on my shoes
This bedroll and pack, and my inborn walking blues

I came from the sea, sweet lovin’ goddess wanted me
And I rose from the well, and my heart started to beat

Trainman is rolling away
Under a violent bruise in the sky
Keeping his demons at bay
This movement is constant goodbye
But what will you see if you stay?
Trainman is thundering by

The flow of my blood, the weight of my haste
The fall of the child I was all shows on my face

The aching of the world, I harbor within
It don’t matter what they say, nothing’s holy, there ain’t no sin

Trainman is rolling away
Neighboring fields flying by
What will he see on this day?
There is a light in his eye
That says what he’s trying to say
Trainman is thundering by

I carry my tune when I’m sleeping, when I wake
My love, the man of me it makes

I’m trying to find, to cherish, to believe
My throat opens wide to free a melody I conceive

Trainman is rolling away
Birds circle round in the sky
Heeding the endless today
His head back, his arms open wide
The reverence he feels for the way
Trainman is thundering by

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